Why Video Content is Essential for Your Digital Marketing Strategy


You may already know, How hard to advertise on TV, but everything goes simpler, in the other hand, We’re living the golden era of Social Media and there is a big chance for businesses to promote through video content dirt cheap.

While everybody is frequently scrolling their social media account, it’s time to let them know about your brand via very interesting video content, We’ll tell you more about what benefits you get from the production of video content.

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Increases conversion.

Videos provide clear information helping customers make informed buying decisions. Videos make a compelling pitch by cutting through the clutter, helping you get your point without wasting time.

A study shows that viewers retain 93 percent of a message in videos compared to just 8 percent when reading as text. In a separate study, 73 percent of the respondents said that they prefer learning about a product or service through videos. No wonder around 85 percent of businesses use videos as a marketing tool. Adding product videos on a landing page or social media can increase conversion by a whopping 75 percent.
Another study found that around 80 percent of people who watch product videos buy them. It is not hard to figure out why video content clicks.

Because the brain is designed to process more visual information. Videos contain moving images and have a low barrier to entry, ensuring that the message being presented is processed quickly, and sticks around for a longer time.


Video Builds trust.

Trust is the key to customer loyalty. an impactful video marketing content can result in significantly more trust than blocks of text or infographic posts.

A study shows that more than 60 percent of buyers feel more confident buying a product after watching high-quality videos on the business’s page.

Stop trying too hard to sell your product. Instead, provide your prospects info that clients are looking for. Make videos that ignite emotions. Use promotional videos that address concerns regarding online fraud.


Helps improve Google ranking.

Having a video embedded on a website can increase the chances of the business ranking first in Google search by up to 53 percent. Videos help increase engagement. Because your visitors spending more time on your website, that is a signal to search engines that it has quality content. and to leverage your video content, use interesting titles, and captions. Provide your visitors all the help that they may need for taking the next step. Link all your videos back to your website, social media, products, and services.


Appeals to mobile users.

The future is mobile videos. 75 percent of Internet users will use just their mobile to access the web by 2025. Around 95 percent of mobile users watch videos on their mobile devices.

Mobile video usage has been grown by a staggering 253 percent since 2013. The number of mobile users is increasing each day. And you won’t do this mistake of entering the new millennium without your video content strategy optimizing for mobile. To engage your target audience, you need to come up with a personalized mobile video campaign. To tell compelling stories through your mobile videos.


Reach & Retarget your prospect customers

Video content is a scrolling-stop type of content that has too much attraction to your audience.
However, If some of your potential customers on Social Media watched a long chunk of your video, That’s a big sign of their interest, So you could launch campaigns that Re-target your audience who kept watching your videos.



We highly recommend focusing on video content, Different media production or content makes very strong brand recognition and retention.

Also, It’s been found that videos have 47% higher conversion rates compared to other forms of content. Marketers using videos grow their revenues 55% faster than their counterparts who don’t. This has a high ROI and proves why it’s worth investing especially in video content marketing.

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