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We have previously shared our approach to Branding, Design, and Web Development, and now we would like to give some insight about our Digital Marketing expertise, that one of its important elements – Social Media. We’ll tell you about the type of services we offer.

Ace complements our client’s marketing and communication teams, whether for a one-off campaign or an ongoing partnership. Our team’s wide skills enable us to deliver strategy, design social media assets, and execute any type of campaign.

We have done projects in a range of different industries, from Hospitality and Furniture to E-commerce, and we are always open to exploring new topics and channels.

Follow along to find out how our creative agency can help your business to grow on social media platforms.

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This part where we work on how we can meet the client’s business objectives with the help of social media. With some factors under consideration:

  • Goal: What’s the focus – Build brand awareness? Increase engagement traffic to the website? or make more sales? 
  • Duration: Is it a one-off campaign or long term support?
  • Social Media channels: Do you want to engage with your e-commerce customers on Instagram and Facebook? inspire potential business clients on LinkedIn, maybe explore new opportunities on TikTok?
  • Type: Organic vs paid? Should we help with ads or Influencers?
  • Concept: Maybe you need to create concepts for stand-alone campaigns, or a punch of creative assets for long term social media channel content? maybe you have ideas from your in-house marketing team that we can develop and collaborate with.
  • Budget: How much are you budgeting to spend?

Then we will structure a content plan and strategy of which channels to post 

Of course, these are just some common examples. We consider every project case by case to ensure our services fit the client’s needs.


Organic Social Media.

It involves free content sharing, a bit as we all do privately. However, during this case, we use it to inform your brand’s story and reach the business objectives. We can assist you to promote your company’s values, the newest innovations, inspiring ideas, or just great offers. We’ll research your audience, similar brands on the precise social media platform, and therefore the sort of posts that generated the foremost engagement within the past.

When it involves content, creativity is our main focus, no matter the client’s budget. Quality visuals are key on image-focused platforms like Instagram, so we’re always happy to help with organizing photoshoots. Nowadays, user span is getting shorter and shorter, therefore we recommend utilizing video to grab attention, or alternatively the carousel format, to interrupt down complex messaging into smaller elements.

For clients on a retained contract, we will provide a content calendar, schedule the posts on social media channels and monitor the performance with monthly and yearly reports to enable marketing managers to specialize in other tasks at hand. We can even assist you with Influencer Marketing and find the proper brand ambassadors!


Paid Social Media.

We always recommend equipping organic social media strategy with paid ads. Whether you’d wish to get more exposure with some great content you posted previously, or reach a new audience. Ads are a way of going. As usual, we perform extensive research into the target audience and compute the simplest way to reaching them and convert.

Before we start buying ads, we always confirm we will track the conversions, for instance for Facebook and Instagram advertising, we found out Pixel Plugin, which tracks the web site data back to Facebook. Once that’s done, we usually need to create Custom Conversions for website events like offer downloads.

Paid ads are especially great for E-commerce businesses. Did you know that almost 80% of visitors who added a product to the cart will abandon it? We can retarget them with a discount ad which can entice them to reconsider the acquisition. We can send your product catalog and show users the precise product pages they visited (or upsell products they could like as well). We can also target the lookalikes of past shoppers – where Facebook’s algorithm would find people that like similar things and behave similarly. Artificial Intelligence is often very useful in Digital Marketing! For E-commerce advertising, it’s also fairly easy to trace the ‘Return On Investment’ – unlike when it involves B2B services like ours (we do have our ways though – allow us to know if you’d wish to determine more!).

For any sort of campaign, we test varying copy, creative, and call to action, also as landing pages. because each audience requires a different approach! Once we have a final winner, we’ll move the budget to the best-performing ads and continue monitoring it over time.
A great example of paid social campaigns designed by Ace is those for Ahmed Nofal Design. 


The role of Web Design in Social Media.

In most cases, social media marketing is connected with the website, as the primary sales channel. If your landing page is poor, that will convert a lower number of people, no matter how much time and money you put into promoting it!

At Ace, we have a team of web designers who know exactly how to create the most effective user experience.


Content Production.

When brands start digital marketing on social media, they sometimes make the same mistake of favoring some content over others. they may constantly post articles or photos on social media, using other content forms minimally. This is a mistake because not all forms of content enjoy the same appeal.

Besides social media managing, we provide high-end media production for your brand

With our deep background in commercial photography, we are able to produce very high-end photos that used as the brand’s backbone 
Also, we are ready for mass production for your e-commerce website.

We highly recommend focusing on video content, Different media production or content makes very strong brand recognition and retention.

Also, It’s been found that videos have 47% higher conversion rates compared to other forms of content. Marketers using videos grow their revenues 55% faster than their counterparts who don’t. This has a high ROI and proves why it’s worth investing especially in video content marketing.


Competitive Analysis.

Before we define any approach, we need to define the brands’ overall goal. We then need to dive in and provide a full analysis of content, search engine keywords, competitor analysis, proper channels to engage in and outline the proper plan to achieve these goals.


Community Management.

Our approach to delivering digital multi-channel solutions stems from an understanding of what digital optimal channels will most deliver on your return on investment.


As you can see, we provide services in all things digital, including social media
Ace have worked with both established and start-up organizations, and we are always open to new challenges. If you’re looking for a social media marketing and management agency, just contact us, so we can start building your social media presence together.

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