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At Ace, we are experts in delivering beautiful brand identities, that have  concept and story behind. All businesses know precisely ‘What’ and ‘How’ they doing it. However, only a few Businesses can clearly explain ‘Why’ they are doing what they are doing, When it comes to branding, Ace will be uncovering ‘Why’ companies exist, and why their employees go in to work each day. Having a reason behind your brand is what creates an emotive response together with your clients and team, and secures a stronger bonds.

The process to uncover the ‘Why’ is what we call Brand Proposition. then informs our decision when it involves the visuals and tone of voice we call it Brand Identity. We offer different packages to clients across both Brand Proposition and Brand Identity, counting on their needs and goals. In this blog post, we explain How we build brands people love.

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In the beginning, we will sketch how you want to see your brand positioned. We will also ask you to send any inspiration for us to audit.

Then, Ace will start research with you discussing strategy questions, provide our branding initial thoughts, so we can have all the information we need to get started.

In the next few days we will start scrubbing through competitors, inspiration and benchmarking, So we can build your unique brand proposition.


Brand Proposition.

This hugely important period includes workshop analysis and interpretation, competitive analysis, creation of the brand proposition, and creative strategy.

Competitive analysis – This enables us to understand and evaluate the competitive landscape. We clarify how competitors position themselves and identify gaps or opportunities to find the unique selling point.

brand proposition development – We start to develop a differentiated and unique brand proposition. This will include the brand on a page with a clear proposition, positioning, and core values defined.

Creative strategy – We work on the creative strategy, including brand voice, messaging framework, and considerations to touchpoints and channel mix.  Now your brand ‘Why’ will become the foundation of the brand identity.


Brand Identity.

The brand visuals, tone and layouts will begin with another mood board creation. We will use the findings from the brand proposition work to be an influence for our creative choices.

We will create the brand logo, base colors and tones

Then refining the process if needed based on feedback using the chosen creative choices, as well as by creating touch-points to see how the overall brand will look. where you have your new brand identity ready.


Brand Guidelines.

We will insightfully select fonts to support the brand identity. Usually, two fonts are selected; a header and a body copy font, which complement each other and portray the attributes of the brand. font name, weights, and application of these fonts on different mediums will be added to the Brand Guidelines.

We will also look at graphic elements or designs to support the branding, with a new color palette, textures, icons, layouts, photos, and music that support the identity, along with the how-to these will be applied, will be added to the Brand Guidelines as well.

Our Brand Guidelines for Furniture Trend Mall


Building & Development.

All of the above will be added into a digital Brand Guideline Document. This is your organization’s guide on the brand proposition, tone of voice, how to apply logo, fonts, systems, colors, textures, plus advice on brand touch-points.

These will be your standards moving forwards on how to keep the brand consistent, especially on your website and social media channels whether partnering with Ace or with another agency in the future. Brand Guidelines will be accompanied by the delivery of a suite of logos and other brand assets.


Our Media Production for Pappaloro Furniture


We offer branding packages that range from deep Brand Proposition work, to the evolution of logo development pieces. Feel free to contact us for advice!

Our tip would be to consider your goals for the brand, but fundamentally, the more thought and rationalizing goes into the branding project, the better the outcome, and the more clients will buy into it.

"People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it"

Simon Sinek

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